Mini LingQ meeting in London

I am going to meet up with Junair and Natalia this Friday around lunchtime. I should think we’d meet at Victoria, but haven’t fixed anything definite as yet. I’m torn between dragging them to the touristy bits or towards my favourite bookshop for foreign languages.

Would anyone else like to say hello to them?

If I were a bird who can fly like a jet plane and should be in London this Friday, I would like to say hello to all of you.

London zephyr links
joyful travelers, less one
Yutaka cannot fly.


dreaming about London
I cannot study at all
so jealous of you


Please say hello to them for me. Have great fun!

It was a great pleasure meeting my first German Russian LingQers (and their delightful daughter). We had an interesting language mix and I was pleased to note that I can understand Russian a million times better than I can speak it.

The ‘Junairs’ said thank you for the good wishes. Here’s my attempt at a Haiku:

Showing others London
seeing delighted faces
I see it with new eyes

Now I wish I had of seen this earlier O_o I could have gone along and said hi as well :frowning: oh well, never mind :slight_smile:

There are bound to be other opportunities, lots of LingQers seem to like travelling … Just let us know when you are going to be in London and fancy meeting up.

It is nice to meet Lingq members! I am going to visit the Rimini (Italy) august 21-28. I will glad to say hello to anyone!!!

If anybody lives in Bristol, I can met her or him :slight_smile:

What a good idea! I’m occasionally over in Newport and would love to meet up one of these days.

sounds good :slight_smile:

we are at home now, on our back way we visited Luxembourg and the oldest German town Trier. The meeting in London was really wonderful, we spend a day in the pleasant atmosphere.
Thank you Susanne for your help and this post. Thank you all for taking part in this thread.
In the future I would use any possibility to meet LingQ member.