Milestone russian and more!

i have yesterday reached 20k word count in Russian and i can not hold back my excitement . It has been tough for the past 6 months or so struggling with intermidiate texts and trying to decipher the russian code. I am really happy to say that i have reached 20k and i am setting my next goal which is 35 k and hope to hit it in 100 days from now. In parralel i started to learn polish and improving my knowledge on german and sweidish trying to reach 25k words on each and getting confortable with the language . For those who learn russian or any other language on lingq ( for me one of the best if not the best tool on the internet) just set a goal of words every day and try to go on for the streak as long as you can. Hard work pays off. I now watch videos in russian with russian subtitles and i can feel the language. Cant wait to reach my next goal and start active phase of the process!! See ya around …(special thanks to EVGUENY for the excellent material that he provides , really saves tons of time and money)!!!


Thanks, Juan!
But together with reading try to speak with someone or at least retell the gist of the podcasts, which you have just read, in order to transform your passive vocabulary into an active one.

yes that is my next step . Cant wait to speak russian!!

It’s always very exciting to see foreigners master your your native language.
You say you want to reach 35k within 100 days. It means that you should mark 150 words as “known” each day. The higher the amount of “known” words gets the more you should read to acquire new vocabulary. So I wonder what your daily goal of words of reading is (if you have it)?

you got it right i aim for 150 words per day. Keep in mind that everyday a good amount of yellow words turn to white words due to the amount of time i spend on reading. Sometimes it takes more time to hit the target ,other times more but usually about 45 minutes or so… It is not that big of a deal. I hope i remain consistent the next 4 months to start active phase of the learning process!!!