Michele Bondesan---next great youtube polyglot?

Hi everyone. My name is Matt, I’m sure most of you here at LingQ don’t know who I am.
I don’t post much on the forum, but I would like to share something that I find interesting.
As you all know, the “Youtube polyglot community” is a growing phenomenon these days, and I quite enjoy watching videos of various polyglots and language learners, demonstrating the results of their study.
I would like to point out a polyglot who is new to Youtube, with whom I’m particularly intrigued: Michele Bondesan.
He is quite well-known here on LingQ, he is a tutor of English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Esperanto, and Latin, and he is also a content provider, active writer in the forum, and he also helps with the site in other ways. He has a blog and a Youtube channel with only a few followers, which I find surprising, but perhaps many people aren’t informed.
I had the pleasure of meeting Michele in person a few months ago, after having been friends with him for a few years over the internet.
Michele speaks Italian as a native language, absolutely marvelous English and French, he is very fluent in Spanish, and I witnessed his excellent German during our Bavarian trip last October. He also speaks Portuguese, Polish, Esperanto, apparently some Slovenian, Romanian, and Bulgarian. He has a deep knowledge of Latin, and had corrected some writings of mine, back when I was more interested in Latin. I will add that he also knows Ancient Greek, and is currently working on improving his Polish, as well as learning Turkish and Swedish, which we learned for some time together. I enjoyed studying Swedish with him in person during our trip to Bavaria, it was a very inspiring experience.
He has been my tutor in Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Italian here on LingQ, and I am very pleased with him, as he provides very detailed reports, never short of encouragement, and is very patient with mistakes, not coming across as irritated, or condescending. He has a way of making me feel very confident when we speak, even if I my facility in the language which we are speaking is poor; when we talk, I truly haven’t the slightest idea of how much I may sound like a fool, I simply feel respected as a contributor to a meaningful conversation.

As a Youtube polyglot, I find that he has a lot of insight. He is very humble and does not boast of having any particular magic method, but I cannot help but marvel at his results. I haven’t seen any hyped-up, multilingual videos in which he narrowly discusses his experience in learning the language that he is speaking. He speaks articulately, at a natural pace, not trying to speak more quickly than what is natural in order to be more impressive. He speaks very accurately, expressing a pallet of opinions in a very concise, elegant way.
He seems to strive for a level of accuracy in all his languages that not all Youtube polyglots care to attain. Of course, this is not to say anything negative against them, but I am impressed with his precision and care in how he speaks his languages.

I would suggest that anyone who hasn’t seen and subscribed to his Youtube channel should do that now, as I believe he has lots of insight to offer, and perhaps if he saw more interest, he would expound on his methods a bit more. It would be great to hear his insight into the world of language learning.

Tell me what you guys think! Maybe he will be the “next big hit” on Youtube.

Hi, IT. I am glad to see that someone appreciates his realism. He has an amazing amount of experience, and they aren’t posh, larger-than-life experiences. They are real, if not surreal, fascinating, and one-of-a-kind experiences that would indeed make a great short-film. I personally would love the honor of writing a biography on him one day, as I find his life very fascinating. He is not boastful, but he has really had a lot of incredible experiences and has navigated through quite a number of oddities and adventures in his languages, almost as though language isn’t a barrier. Perhaps he didn’t speak Bulgarian so fluently in Bulgaria, but he got by just find, with much more command than he gives himself credit for.
I really don’t see how he hasn’t been “discovered.”
He certainly brings a lot more to the table than some other “Youtube celebrities”. Of course, it isn’t a competition, but my point is that he is a goldmine of insight and experiences that few people seem to be noticing.

Hi Matt92,

thanks for sharing this with the community. I think many people know Michele here and as far as I could infer thanks to our communication so far, he is a great guy and an aspiring polyglot who is capable of achieving even a lot more than now! He is not even 30 yet!

We all need people like Michele, Steve, Luca and others, because they show us that with motivation, perserverance, commitment and love for languges we can all accomplish feats many people believe are not attainable.

Moreover, it has been quite interesting for me to learn that Michele is also a great tutor, as I didn’t have a chance to enjoy his lessons so far. Well, this is not very surprising, because if people truly love something, they are usually happy to share it with others, sometimes forgetting about money or time.

This being said, I would ask you not to create idols though because it is probably not about becoming “a big hit on youtube” for Michele. On the contrary, whenever I hear anyone being idolized on any forum, it makes me nauseate. We can ask Michele though whether he wants to be the next “youtube polyglot popstar”.

Hi Axel_V.

I’m afraid you have quite extremely misunderstood my post. I am sorry if it makes you nauseous to read praise directed towards others. My point in posting this was to bring light to the fact that he is reaching out to the community by way of blogging and youtube, and that he has a lot of insight and experience to share. I would like for him to get more exposure, as I believe he has a lot to offer. This has nothing to do with idolatry, it is respect.
I’m afraid you misunderstood the colloquialisms in my post, as well as the very nature of it. I know Michele personally, he is one of my closest friends, not a stranger about whose personal aspirations I know nothing.
I admire his contribution to the learning community, as well as the contribution he has made to my own life.
This was not meant to be a philosophical post, I certainly don’t need anyone advising me about idolatry. My intent was to stir up an awareness of who Michele is as a person, and what he has to offer, which is beyond what many people in the LingQ community may realize. He has no desire to be a “youtube popstar”, but he does desire to affect the world with his passion and hard work, and I would like to see him make his mark on the worldwide learning community.

Hi Matt,

I have nothing against praise as it is, but probably it was a bit too much of praise for me per square cm of my monitor :slight_smile:
I completely agree with your last post and wish once again Michele all the best and I would personally be happy to help him get exposure if he publishes some videos sharing his experience and learning methods. Peace out.

Matt, thanks a lot for your lovely praising post.

Alex, becoming a Youtube idol is the last goal I would like to reach, and I know that was not what Matt aimed at. However, since I chat with him every day, I am probably more used to his abundant praise than you are. Praising someone you have high esteem of is a way to make them feel more self-confident, which is how I feel after reading this thread. :slight_smile:


Hey Michele,

wise words! Way to go, man!
P.S. …and before you’ve become a superhero, please answer my message :wink:

Hi Alex,

I’m sorry if it was “too much praise”, but, as shocking as this may be, I don’t write posts with your comfort in mind. Of course I can’t possibly know how individual people would feel about what I say of others.
Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Matt,

Thanks Matt. I agree!

I agree with the first post on this thread: Mike Bond is the real deal.

@kimojima: I am going on holidays tomorrow and probably won’t have fast internet in the mountains. As soon as I come home around the end of August, I will post new conversation slots.

Anch’io sono pronto di parlare ma nell’italiano naturalmente. Ho qualche points di usare. Buon Viaggio nel Bretagna!

I have just published some conversation slots for September.

If I come home in the last week of August, I will post some slots for that week, too.