Messed up streak time since outtage yesterday

I’m learning Japanese, French, Swedish and Spanish with LingQ. I finished everything but Spanish before the server outage yesterday and was in the middle of my Spanish exercise when the servers went down.

I was afraid that I’d lose my 105 or 106 (I’m not exactly sure) days streak because the data couldn’t be synced before midnight as the server outage was over two hours and went from around 10pm up until 0:30am here in Germany.

Now I checked my account and Spanish is now not at 0 as expected but at 319 days. Whoa. That’s much longer than my LingQ account exists…

The values for Japanese, French and Swedish are fine though.

Did anybody have the same effect?

I hope they fix the damage of the outage today.

By the way - it would be nice if the app could report that servers aren’t reachable. Took me 20 minutes to realise the outage as the iOS app only behaved strange but didn’t say what is really going on. I only understood what was happening when I went to the forums to check whether somebody has similar problems. There I got the HTTP status code 500 and Cloudflare timeout messages.

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Your streaks number should be back to normal now.

Yes, it’s fixed, thank you!