Message Your Friends, Forum Upgrades

We have just pushed some great new improvements to the site. In the Community, you can now post messages on other members’ Walls and they can post on yours. You will get an email every time somebody posts on your Wall. Start talking directly to your friends!

You will also notice that the Profile has been separated from the Community page. Now, on the Community page you see your Friends, recent Forum posts and your Friends Blogs. The Profile contains your bio and statistics as well as your Wall.

We also made many small improvements to the Forum. You can search by specific forum, forum threads are listed in order of last post, links are now clickable in posts, a spellchecker is now available and you can now submit your forum posts for writing correction by clicking the “Submit for Correction” button. You will no longer receive emails for your own posts, as well. Don’t worry; editing of posts is coming shortly!

The are a variety of small changes and bug fixes throughout the site. As always, let us know how you like the updates and if you experience any problems.

At the Speak section the highlighted blue lines (eg 1 on 1 Conversation - Tuesday, February, 10, 2009) and the “Sign up” buttons extend over the white area. It only happened now after the updates.

The changes look good so far!

And btw the payment sorted. Thanks!

I can’t make that happen for me. Please try refreshing the browser and taking another look. If you still have the problem, please tell me what browser are you using?

Today it appears at the correct place.

I would find useful if I could see the time of recent forum posts, in order to know if I have already read them.
(only if it doesn’t cost you much time)

Hi Monica,

I assume you mean in the list on the right hand side? I will add it to the wish list but I can’ t guarantee when it may happen.

May the time on wall messages be local to me?

In Firefox I often increase the font size to be able to read foreign words more clearly. It messes with the layout of the screens, because some of the boxes resize to fit the new text and other elements don’t shuffle over to make room for them. Boxes with writing end up covering up buttons and such like. I don’t know if it’s fixable but it weirded me out for ages until I thought about why it was happening.

By the way I think I just nearly submitted my last post for correction by an English tutor!

so have I sky!

One more thing, wall doesn’t show URL links as links!

It would be nice to have a RSS for each single wall to follow others, woudn’t it!

Yes, the times should be in your local time. If they aren’t, you may have to change your time zone on the Settings page.

The Submit for Correction button is a bit confusing but clicking on it won’t actually submit your writing, it just takes you to the Submit Writing page with your post in the text field. We will look at how we can make it less confusing.

We will eventually make url’s clickable in the wall and RSS may also come in the future. We have a few more wrinkles to the Community coming, too.

Okay, thank you I will chase my settings then.

Hi Mark,
Why is the link in my thread

not clickable?
I added this post this evening.

And here again my link is not clickable. What I am doing wrong?

Hi Vera,

It looks like if you hit Enter before entering your url it isn’t clickable. Just type it in line and it should be fine. I don’t know why this is and I will check but in the meantime enter the url without a return before it.