I want to cancel my year membership but I have have over half a year left still on it. Does it cancel from that moment and you get a prorated refund or would it not cancel until next year?

If you cancel now, your account will remain Premium until your paid period expires.

To cancel my membership it says “To downgrade you must have fewer than 5 imported unshared lessons. Delete imported unshared lessons until you are below this limit then downgrade again.” So I basically have to delete everything I’ve uploaded to cancel?

I found that I’m just kind of moving words up and marking duplicates as known so I am not really learning much. It’s become an obligation to check in so I want to cancel it. But since there is no prorated refund for the rest of my subscription year, and the subscription is still active. It’s kind of like a limited premium subscription then? If I decided later on that since I paid for it and I’m stuck with it I might as well use it some until next year, then I would not be able to import things beyond that and would really be limited to what other’s have added and shared? Is that correct?

I checked your account and I can confirm that you have canceled your subscription successfully. Your account will be downgraded to the FREE level after your current paid period expires, on March 18th, 2022. You do still have all Premium features available (including importing) for as long as your Premium is active.

Thank you so much for confirming that.

Come check in there is a great group of people. You might find someone that wants to work with you on the same language. Remember why you wanted to learn a new language. That why will never go away. A language takes time and for now you still have time.