Membership payment with PayPal

Normally, if I want to pay with PayPal anywhere, I have only to click on the PayPal button, and after that I am in the PayPal area. There, all my actual numbers are known.
If I click in LingQ on the PayPal button, I am not directed to PayPal, I am asked for my creditcard number there.
Why is that made in this case?

Hi Irene, actually after you click the PayPal button you do see the credit card form but if you want to pay with PayPal you have to click the tab that says PayPal on that page which will then let you enter your PayPal information and take you to the PayPal page. The PayPal tab is just above the credit card form.

Thanks Mark,
I didn’t assume that I have to click to PayPal two times. And there, next to the “credit card” is was more a grey card than a button. But now, it worked.

Irene I agree that it’s not as clear as it could be. Unfortunately that page is not actually part of our site it is part of our payment provider’s website so we can’t control how it works.

@Mark: Maybe you could add an explanation on the LingQ webside before you lead the members to your payment provider’s website.

@Mark: I agree with Vera, because I looked first in “Help” and couldn’t find any help. The confusion is, that I have to click first on a place like a button (in the lower right corner) and after that on a place like a card.

Thanks Irene and vera. We’ll see what we can do there.