Melbourne lingquers - anyone for a meeting?

Well, the idea is simple: let’s meet somewhere in the city and talk about languages (or anything else :slight_smile: ) over a coffee.

So far we know there are two of us in Melbourne: Peter and myself, but I guess there are more :). Anyone interested just respond here and we can come up with place and time.

By the way, I’ve just moved to Melbourne and I have to say I’m amazed by the number of languages that can be heard on streets or public transport (especially on trains that go to ‘immigrants’ suburbs, like Sunshine. Not to mention that in deli stores in Sunshine one can think he is on the Balkans - names of articles all in Serbian/Croatian/Macedonian… :slight_smile: ). I’d be very happy to hear about some Spanish or Russian speaking groups, if there are any.

I know a Russian guy and some Spanish speakers who might be interested in coming along.

Hopefully we will discover some other silent (until now) LingQers from Melbourne.

As long as we are not meeting up in Scumshine, I’m happy :slight_smile: (No offence, anyone)

great, bring them along! (no, we are not meeting in Sunshine :smiley: - that’s just me when i want some pecenica, prsuta, slanina, strudlu s makom… :slight_smile: )

I like the above video.

Sounds like fun! I’m halfway around the world, so I won’t be able to join, but once you guys get a time and place set we can definitely put this on our Facebook page. If you want, you’re also welcome to put this on our language learning group on Facebook (Learning Languages Online Public Group | Facebook) :slight_smile:

If I ever make it to Australia, I’ll be sure to make a detour to Melbourne. How civilised that Aussies drive on the left!

If I remember correctly, in the city centre, in order to turn left in a cross section, you have to stay right. How civilized!

Man, my brain is confused. I meant, in order to turn right in Melbourne, you have to line up on the left.

Hook turns! (stay to the left when you want to turn right). That’s only on streets where there are trams as well, si je ne m’abuse.

pity…just left melbourne in march and not intending to come back for a few years. maybe you guys will be having monthly lingq parties by the time i get back - people swinging from the rafters at madame brussels babbling in every which language. incidentally there are heaps of language meet-ups in melbs if you check out i used to go the german ones (amazing) and french ones (not as amazing) :wink: have fun.

How about this Sunday for a coffee in the city?

Sounds good. Just let me know where and when.

How about Starbucks on Swanston St (295) at midday on Sunday?

cool! see you there!

I wish you a great time together.

I hope we could do something else in Germany. I have something in mind, but it is not so easy because the members I know are spread over the whole country. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Let us know how it was.

Well, how did it go? Do we have a real life LingQ community in Australia now?

We had a massive group of two! Plus another friend of mine came afterwards. I thought it was fun, and we even snuck in some Spanish.

I don’t think there are many LingQ members in Melbourne. I can think of about 5, maybe 10 that I have convinced to join up, but none of them are active (as far as I know).

What about England? Are there any lingquers near Birmingham? I’m going to be in Coventry from 17 to 26 july. I don’t want to create a thread for this because I’m not sure yet if I can meet up with anyone there, but I’m just wondering…

All big groups started small. This is certainly a good start. All it needs is a good leader.

Well done, Peter and Aineko!

yes, the group was small but massive! Lol :slight_smile:
It was great! Thanks Peter! I enjoyed speaking Spanish again.