Meet ups in Vienna, the Tatras, Znoimo , Bratislava or Prague over Christmas and New Year. Anyone interested? Please let me know

My wife and I will be traveling again over the Christmas and new year. We will be in Vienna December 20, 21 and 22. From Dec 24 to 29 we will be near Poprad, in the Tatra mountains, very specifically at this location.

Dec 30 and 31 in Ollomouc, Jan 1 in Znoimo, Jan 2 in Bratislava and Jan 3-6 in Prague.

I hope we can meet up if you are going to be in the area. Please let me know.

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I will be definitely in Prague :slight_smile:

Nice! May I suggest one of the Christkindlmärkte as a Vienna location? Some warming Glühwein is a must. Either on Rathausplatz or at Spittelberg. Or if that becomes too cold and messy the next Kaffeehaus is never far.

The evening of the 19th if possible would probably be ideal since I suspect the weekend to be overcrowded and I’ll also be at Spittelberg day 20 around 12:00.

I’ll leave the last words about the time to people with more fixed schedules and routines.

I am in Vienna on the 20th, but then I am going on the 21st to Switzerland for some cheese-poisoning with Shaun and Jolanda. If you are interested in seeing the old Vienna observatory , I can show you around, though it might not be such an interesting trip since I don’t have access to the museum or any of the telescopes.

I think the 19th would be tough since we arrive that evening from Canada. What other times and dates would work for Vienna?

What would be a good date and time for Prague?

LOL. Cheese poisoning? Wait 'til Jolanda sees that

On that note: Will only other LingQers be in the Zürich area on Dec 21st? You could join me (meet LingQ’s most troublesome member), Colin, and Jolanda for some cheese poisoning.

Regarding Prague - would be better for you friday of saturday? On friday I am working till 5PM so I could stand by hotel you would be living in and we could walk around or sit somewhere for some the world´s best beer - everybody knows :-).

It is the same to us so it is rather a question of what works best for the Pražané.

:slight_smile: well so I suggest satturday cause I would come with my fiancee so in the afternoon let´s say at 15:15 on Wenceslas Square, there is statue of st.Vaclav on horse.

(Wien) When would be best for you Steve? What’s the best place to look for the final meeting place announcements?
I might bring up to three new victims for LingQ ;p

I am in Vienna now. We just arrived. We are open. I have a commitment for Sunday noon and that is all. What works for other people? I am staying near Schoenbrunn Palace.

Nice! Where are you staying if I may know? I live 20min walking/ 10min by bus north of Schönbrunn

The three victims interested in LL I mentioned are
1 my dad who just fell ill
2 a friend who is likely busy
3 a date
so I`m just trying to see if and when I can get those three out together

We are staying here, see below. You can email me at steve at lingq dot com, or text me at 1- 604-764-7090

Schönbrunn Park Appartement
Hadikgasse 56/5, Vienna