Meet up


I’ll be in Vancouver and Victoria from July 19th to 22nd.

It might be too early to ask, but I’d like to visit LingQ office if anyone is around then. Or meet up somewhere in Vancouver :slight_smile:

We would love to see you and I will certainly be here. Let’s hear from Mark and Alex.

@yukiko - Sure, that would be great! You’re welcome to visit LingQ HQ any time :slight_smile:


I’ll get back to you when the days approach/my schedule is clearer :slight_smile:


I’d like to ask you again if I could visit your office between July 18th in the afternoon and July 22nd.

I’d appreciate it if you could let me know the date and the time for your convenience.

Thank you.

Hi Yukiko,

Yes, it’s still fine to visit then. I can’t guarantee who will be here but someone will be here!

@yukiko - I’ll be here! :slight_smile:

So will I, looking forward.

@yukiko - We were thinking we might set up a meetup here in Vancouver so others might be able to come out as well. Is there a specific day that would work best for you?

It depends on if we can book a hotel in Vancouver, but 21st in the afternoon or 22nd would be the best. We are planning to stay in Victoria from the 18th to 20th and come in Vancouver on the 21st now. We leave for Tronto on the 23rd.

It would be great if I could get to meet other members :slight_smile:

@yukiko - OK, maybe we can try for July 22nd in the evening!

That would be perfect !