Media Articles in Lesson Feed

While adding media articles in the lesson feed is a great idea, the presentation is very poor at the moment for Japanese (I’m not sure about other languages). Only the first few sentences of the article are shown, without the title, making it unnecessarily difficult to ascertain what the article is about. Any chance we could get the title displayed instead?

Is there any intention of improving the news feed? If not I suppose it can’t be helped, but I would appreciate a response one way or the other.

Hi amop567,
First of all, sorry about not replying on your question earlier. Not sure how, but this thread slipped through my hands. Sorry!
I think this actually depends on the media outlets we have articles from. I just checked some of the Japanese media articles and the title is actually always included, at least for “Live Door News” and “Yahoo News”. For “Yomiuri Online” you have in screenshot above you are right that is some cases only first sentence from the article appear, not the title.

No worries, thanks for following up