Meaningless collections

I remember that a collection of lessons with the 1000 most used words in Spanish was deleted some months ago because it was meaningless.
Sadly, I have just found a similar collection in the Portuguese library:
Moreover, these lessons include many words in foreign languages.
I think they are not more meaningful than the deleted Spanish lessons were.

Steve, you said you would meet some people in Portugal who could provide content in European Portuguese: do you have any good news for me? :wink:

Hi Michele,

Thanks for letting us know about this. I wasn’t the one who deleted the Spanish lessons (in fact, I don’t know if I ever even saw them), but if they were like this I can see why they would’ve been deleted. I’ve sent a message to the uploader of the lessons. Ideally lessons should be valid content, not simply lists of words, as this has no inherent benefit for the learner (the Phrase will just show other random words, not a sentence).