Me or everybody? Can't LingQ at all using Firefox, but it is surprisingly smooth with Chrome

I suddenly can’t create LingQ, and the pop-outs don’t show when mouse hover over the new words(blue). No LingQ I saved earlier can be found(yellow).

So, I try to use Google Chrome. It works very good! I don’t know this before. You can select the blue section you want! Double click the word it’s done. I recommend everyone try to use Chrome. It works better.

Meanwhile, anyone has the same problem with Firefox?

PS. Firefox version:3.5.2

I have no trouble with Firefox, most recent version and am really enjoying it. Look at my recent LingQ created numbers.

We made an update to the Lesson page that may require you to ctrl refresh your browser a few times to start working properly. The cache in the browser can sometimes prevent updates from working properly right away.

Mark, you are right. The problem solved. Normally refresh won’t work. I pressed “Ctrl+ refresh” then it’s ok.