Me neither

A: I don’t like liars.
B: Me neither.

Question: Is it okay to say “me either” in this situation?
What I learned is like this: I don’t either. or Neither do I.

Thank you!!!

No, I would not say “me either”. If I heard it, it would sound careless and improper, though of course “me neither” is itself very informal and conversational. What you learned is correct, more grammatical, and less idiomatic. Strictly speaking, “me neither” is not grammatically correct, but it is a common idiom.


Both are fine.

Me neither is common in speech and more informal.

“Me either” is completely wrong.

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It depends on the first sentence:
if the first sentence has a negation, we answer: Me neither (it means: I do the same, I don’t like liars)
But if the forst senternce is affirmative, we answer: Me either, e.i.:
I like apples. - Me either. (It means: I also like apples)

But people do say it.

I’d never say “me either” in that situation (or any other), and I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it used as an affirmative… I’m not saying that it doesn’t appear that way somewhere dialectically, but it does not sound right to the ears of this native speaker.


Lol no that’s just wrong.

Me neither


A: I like apples.
B: Me, too.

That’s what I’ve learned so far.

Sounds very odd to me. Where do people say this?

This is wrong…in English we never say “me either”. Don’t spread false information please.

I like apples. - Me too / Me as well