Maybe some songs and videos should be added into the library at LingQ(with transcripts attached)

I don’t know if somebody has already suggested the idea to add some songs or videos at LingQ’s library.
I’ve found countless comedy videos, songs on Youtube. However, i sometimes find it difficult to figure out what’s said. Maybe we can attach some songs, shows and other interesting stuff from Youtube. We can then make transcripts for all these videos. I think it is going to widen the range of lessons at LingQ.
Learning at LingQ may be more entertaining, by the way.

PS: i remember i have read somewhere that Steve dislikes the idea of videos, they are distracting. But i also come to realize that videos and songs with transcripts can also be an alternative, some learners may find it relaxing, i am an example.

It’s been suggested before, but I think it’s a great idea. As long as you have permission from the creator of the video to post it on LingQ, please feel free to share these videos as lessons!

I should mention too that some YouTube videos have a Creative Commons license attached to them, so all of these videos can be transcribed and shared without having to ask for permission. Simply include a few words or a sentence about where the video is from and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

It’s such a pity that my English isn’t ‘up to it’, i miss a few words and misunderstand sometimes. I may consider sharing some videos with transcripts in English after a few months, i need time to improve. I hope that some helpful users at LingQ will share some soon.

Consider that the popular songs all have a copyright. The copyright is for the music, the text, the video etc. You can not simply take and add them. To get permission is difficult especially for songs that are in the charts. And in Europe they are changing the copyright laws this moment. Now music is protected for 70 (!) years. I’m not a fan of this laws but we have to be careful and respect this.

For example google has an agreement with the music industry in some countries and pay for the right to stream the videos. Unfortunately they couldn’t make an agreement in Germany, so we cannot see most of the popular music on youtube. If LingQ want to use popular music they have to contact the music industry too.

it isn’t arguable that most of the songs are copyrighted, but is it possible/ legal to just copy a link which directs to the song/video on Youtube?

I know there are tonnes of videos which are allowed to be spread and even not copyrighted. These can be great language learning tool sometimes.

… 70 years… beginning from composer’s death !!

You can import whatever you want for your own use, words, music and video. You just cannot share these in the library.

You can import whatever you want for your own use, words, music and video. You just cannot share these in the library.