May Contain Traces of Dodo, I am not a Happy Bunny without sound

This and the other last episodes are without sound.

I haven’t recorded the sound yet! I have uploaded the text for these episodes but not shared them yet (I don’t think you can share an item without sound). LingQ seems to let you see all items of a collection if the first few are shared, whether some are marked “private” or not.

If the kids give me some peace and quiet after lunch I can record the last pieces and upload them.

By the way Annett I apologise for my poor attempt at a Swiss accent for Lieserl. I don’t suppose you would consider recording her pieces for me would you?

I am trying to get my husband to record the Werewolf’s blog entries, and have a friend in mind to read Lizzie Higgs-Boson. But in the meantime, it’s all me.

longer time before Mark said tio me: “…we don’t want to have text without sound…”
I think it is binding even now :slight_smile:

Yes, you shouldn’t be able to share lessons without sound but there is a bug with the system, as Helen points out. If you have unshared lessons in a collection with shared lessons, all the lessons are downloaded when you click the “take all” button in the Library. We are aware of this and will fix it soon, I hope.

I wasn’t counting on anyone taking the lessons in the day between loading the text and loading the audio! In future I will upload everything at the same time.

It’s not your fault! People shouldn’t be able to see items that haven’t been shared. :frowning: You should be able to leave them unshared for as long as you like.

I have now uploaded and shared all episodes up to 27, which takes the story up to the events of yesterday evening (Hallowe’en).

By the way I wanted to dress up for my one-on-one conversation last night, but my daughter wouldn’t hand over her Devil horns and that only left the werewolf hand. Have you ever tried using a keyboard or a mouse with one large, hairy hand with claws?

I wish I was learning English! And, no I haven’t tried typing with a werewolf hand…

Weird… didn’t know they did Halloween in the UK…

It’s a recent import, which my husband strongly disapproves of. Not because of possible Devil-worshipping associations, just because it isn’t a traditional British Autumn festival.

As we traditionally celebrate the failure of a member of an oppressed minority to commit regicide and mass murder, plus his subsequent torture and public execution (see Login - LingQ) I say, “Big up Hallowe’en, massive!”

My husband disapproves of Trick or Treating because he sees it as extortion. So my kids are Trick or Treating tonight. They will be giving sweets out rather than asking for them. If people choose Trick the kids will demand to have a trick played on them. This sounds mad but keeps Dad happy!

Hi Helen,

I am reading your stories now with sound, but I couldn’t find the item with Lieserl yet. If you need help, let me now. Nevertheless, I think the story is also good with your accent. Can you write the number of the episode into the title, it would be easier to find the right order on the desktop?

Ah, yes I think I do that with the mp3s to make sure they play in order. It ought to be in the title too. I will look at that.