Master list of grievances from an experienced Mandarin learner

I’m not giving an opinion. I’m giving you the science. Read the link I gave and the references.

THANK YOU for saying what we’ve all been experiencing!

I agree. I mean, imagine if English was written without spaces between words and some program had to come along and separate them into words for a different language. The amount of programming that would have to go into it to achieve perfection is likely beyond the budget of most companies…

I’m with you on the pinyin… I am glad that I forced myself away from pinying over text after a week and myself thinking “I haven’t learned even one character…”

Regarding point 1: it’s not a technical issue. OpLingo allows you to link and unlike characters with ease. A shame the OpLingo app is absolutely terrible (you can’t even scroll down a page without accidentally touching a word and bring up the definition). Since it’s not a technical issue we can only assume it’s not a priority for team LingQ.
If you think it’s bad in Chinese (in my experience not as bad as you say) it’s absolutely HORRIBLE in Cantonese. Even after going into edit mode and trying to separate words it’d re-attach them.