Mark - Question for content translations

Hi Mark,
Nicole asked if I will allowed to translate some content that I had created in the German part.
I will allow this but I want to have a note that the original is created from Irene and has the title xxxxx
So we could have by the time more and more content in different languages.

Nicole had the idea to bring a place by Import where the name from the original and the creator is.

Do you see a possbility for this?

Hi Irene,

I’m not exactly sure how this would be done but it’s not something we are about to do anytime soon. We will have to look at reorganizing our content at some point which would affect the import section but in the meantime, the only thing Nicole can do is to create a special provider which she can use for all the content she creates that was originally yours. She can identify you in the provider description. There is no limit on the number of different providers you can create in your account.

Thanks Mark,
we wrote in the German forum about this topic too and I think in this way it would be good:

  1. each member who want to use content from others for translation should ask for permition (like Nicole did)
  2. should bring the original title according the language area - for those members who want to learn bilingual
  3. should bring the name of the creator as provider.

Mark, please confirm here that the person who brings the content in the store will earn the points too event the provider is another name.

I think this would be important to know for some members.

Or do I know this not correct?


I appreciate the fact that our members are interacting and working on ways to share and create multilingual content items! However, we are not going to create rules around this issue. In general, the fewer rules, the better. The spirit of the internet and web2.0 is not to introduce more and more rules to restrict what people can do.

However, I think it would be nice if our members did the things you ask for with the exception of the third point. In the case where Nicole translates your content, she can’t choose you as the provider. Nicole can create a new provider for this content. In the provider description she would mention that she is translating content created by you in the German library with the name of the collection.

The provider has nothing to do with the earning of points. Points are awarded to the username of the person who shares the content.

I agree with you Mark, only a few rules have to be - the asking of permission and the name of the creator :slight_smile: I think that is fair.

The member who translate the content and import it in his language shall have the points, that is what I want to hear and what is correct.