Mark has changed his personality

I have seen, Mark has changed his personaltity - he is a dog now.
I hope He isn’t vicious now :slight_smile:

Have I missed anything? what happened?

Look at the picture in his profile. He must be Gordie!!

Mark looks really nice :wink:

that’s perfect!!

Yes, that’s me! Don’t be scared. :slight_smile: Gordie hardly even bites his food. I was experimenting with the new picture cropper in the Profile which is working but not in IE for some reason. Hopefully, we’ll get that fixed today. :wink: Then, we’ll replace the other croppers.

People like myself of these photography to make out meny more.
Gordie is indubitably a »big boss«. He is evidently Mark’s favourite person. Her wishs are for Mark fulfilled order. Irene777 writed: »he is a dog now«. That’s very close to mein findings. This to win easily to become danger area. So, y’know, we always say this: kiddie childs kiddie troubles, bulky person bulky troubles.
Mark, I hope you will not resent me. Your heart are definitely too much »softly«, specially to kids.

Hi ToneN,

Actually, I used to have a picture of my dog Gordie as my profile picture which is what everyone was commenting on. I think I will go back to that for a while. What about you? Where is your profile picture?