Many lessons from imported books just vanished

I noticed that many lessons from books I imported a while ago (over a year) are missing. E.g. I have one book that was broken up into 48 lessons and only 24 lessons are still there. Which lessons are missing seems pretty random. These are books that I didn’t use for a few months so I don’t know when exactly they went missing. I guess in the last four months.

Newer books I imported are still complete.

The lessons also don’t seem to be really gone but are just not listed anymore. If I use the continue button I go into the lesson where I were last and that is one of the missing lessons.

I have that problem with multiple books. The import back then went perfectly fine, the lessons vanished only over a year after importing the books. Languages of the books are Japanese and Swedish.

The lessons are missing on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Web), so it’s not client related.

Hi, same here. I imported a book a year ago. I was reading it but very slowly. And now quite a lot of lessons just vanished. But thanks for the tip with the “continue” button.
Example lesson: Login - LingQ

Do you still see all the lessons on the Edit Course page? If so, just assing a level again to all lessons and re-save the course, that should solve the problem.


Thanks, zoran, that fixed it for me.

For others having the same problem and finding these postings: after editing the course there’s still something cached in the browser so you still won’t see the missing lessons. Clear the cache or hold shift while clicking the reload button (at least in Firefox, other browsers might have a different behaviour) so the browser will load everything new. Then you finally see all lessons again.

Also, the editing of a whole book takes a while, so be patient. For my book with 48 lessons it took around 20-30 seconds. You can see the status on the top, if it says “Saving” wait until the text changes.