Manilla color theme for LingQ?

Manilla color or pale yellowish as an alternative to dark and light themes that LingQ provides. The dark theme is kind of okay, it’s usable at night, but the light one takes time to get used to, even in daytime. So, I think it would look nicely without any eye strain both at night and during the day. Your thoughts?


Sounds like a good idea. As someone who runs every app possible in Dark mode - the LingQ Dark mode is pretty bad and I use the light one, especially for Chinese for whatever reason


good plan! I use the dark mode on the app because a white background scrambles my brain.

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I agree. Pure black text on a pure white background is very straining on my eyes. I can only read on LingQ for so long before I need a break. It would be nice if we could adjust the background color or text color to make the contrast a bit less harsh. Or add another theme that’s less straining on the eyes like you suggested.