Making posts in the Forums count

I was thinking of implementing in LingQ some system by which the words you write on the forums get counted in your weekly goals on the dashboard.

For example: one goes to the open forum in Portuguese, writes X words, selects from a dropdown menu the language in which the words are written (presumably Portuguese), posts his message, and those X words get counted.

Is that possible?

If you want to, you can manually adjust your words of writing on your profile page.

If you don’t want to count how many words you have actually written, you can copy and paste text into Word, for example, and then it will work out how many words there are.

yes, but the whole point is automating this process

Of course, it would be possible to do that but probably not something we are looking at doing any time soon. If you want your words to be counted now, you’ll have to click the Post and Submit link to submit them for correction.

I think this is a good idea. We have a few things on our plate right now, but counting the words of writing, whether corrected or not, might be a good idea.