Making LIngQ better by implementing empty language slots

Since this topic came up recently with respect to other languages that are not (yet) implemented on LingQ, I would like to discuss the option of having at least one empty slot for a language that LingQ does not have the at the time of starting the language learning for that specific language.
I see why LingQ does not pretend to offer all languages at the same time, i.e. why it is not expected from every user to find potent material on his own.
On the other hand, there are many learners who adopt their own techniques at some point, which often includes importing their own material. I, for instance, started materials in the first months here, but it came the time when I disliked the material or simply wanted to to beyond.
I also realized with time passing that many offered translations are flawed or completely wrong. Additionally, many words/groups lack any “attempt” of a translation.
My point is the following: I have to resort to other translators while I am using LingQ anyway.
To keep my point simple, why not allow the zealous user to create his very own language framework within LingQ?


Does it work to use a slot of a language you never plan to learn?

No it doesn’t work well. You won’t get the correct dictionary and there won`t be text to speech.

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Thanks for your suggestion. We did receive similar requests before. It’s not in our plans at the moment, but we will see if that’s something we can work on in the future.