Making a language exchange work using skype

Hello, I just wanted to draw on some of the experiences of members who have taken part in language exchanges using skype.

I have recently started a language exchange which went alright but wanted some advice from members on how I could improve the sessions for the future.

The arrangement is that we speak for one hour total. Half an hour speaking Russian and half an hour speaking English. I am currently thinking whether 30 minutes total would be less strenuous on both of us as we are unused to speaking in our respective target languages.

One thing that I have already thought of that I could incorporate into our session is looking at the texts my language exchangee is studying. I then could ask him questions on this topic and have discussions about this particular area of interest.

I also wondered on an appropriate way of giving feedback. I found myself torn by the twin need of wanting conversation to flow naturally and at the same time highlight improvements that could be made in speaking. What do you think is the best way of giving my language exchange partner feedback?

Any other tips or pieces of advice would be welcome.



Apologies about the slightly poncy tone of message :slight_smile: