Make the dictionary language-specific

Is there any way you could make the dictionary look-up language specific? For long words there is no problem, but for shorter words, it is quite hassle to scroll through cognates and acronyms etc to find your word in the target language.

Our dictionary tool uses Babylon’s online system which delivers all results that are available for that word in the dictionaries that Babylon has. There is no real way for us to refine the results.

quendidil, try[languageA][languageB]/[word]

for example, to look up the french (language code: fr) word “pu” and give an english (language code: en) definition, it’s simply:

may make things easier with small words. i’ve had the same problem you had and doing that has made it much easier.

Why don’t you just click on the Word Reference link in the Other Dictionaries list at the bottom of the Babylon definition? You can see it if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Babylon definitions. This will take you to Word Reference with the LingQed term already shown.

oops i forgot to mention that bit - in fact thats how i found wordreference in the first place :slight_smile:

Mark, do you mean in the “LingQ” you click “Dictionary” and then on the right you scroll down to find “Other dictionaries”? I don’t see that “other dictionaries” link unless I am doing it wrong. (I just imported 10 vocab in French)

Yes, it is there. Just scroll down past all the Babylon dictionaries to the bottom of that window.