Make some settings language specific?

Is it (or can it become) possible to have certain settings be language specific rather than global to the user account?

The more difficult one—Dictionary language:
I’m fluent in Japanese, and primarily studying beginning Korean using Japanese LingQs because the two languages are so similar that it makes everything easier. But one can always polish things, so I’d also like to poke around in the Advanced section of Japanese too (especially since you’ve got things there like 銀河鉄道の夜 / Night on the Galactic Railroad which I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never actually read). But when I make a trial LingQ for a Japanese word…it’s in Japanese. So, my global dictionary-language setting means Japanese terms get Japanese translations…not very useful.

I can always go into my user settings to change it each time I switch languages, but I would really like the ability to make the dictionary language setting be language-specific rather than global. I think enough people at LingQ know more than one language that this isn’t an extreme request, at least in terms of logic. Its difficulty implementation-wise, I have not a clue. Theoretically it should mean just one more thing to save in a browser-side cookie, but who knows what technical difficulties lurk therein…

The easy one—Show spaces between words:
Also: I immediately turned off the spaces between words for Japanese the moment I opened up my first Japanese text, but then when I went back to Korean, the spaces had disappeared there too. This is a setting so specialized to certain languages that it really yearns to be language specific. As I switch languages it’s easy enough open the gear and turn it off and on and off and on and off and on…but set-once-and-forget-it would be nicer.

Just more optimization suggestions, but it’s always better to bring these things up to encourage incremental improvements, eh?