Mail your vocabulary list to me and lets discuss the words

I was just in LingQ, at the vocabulary section. I was looking at a list of words with their phrases and hints. I clicked on Print which took me to the Print view. Then I right clicked. There I had the option to Send the list to Blogger or Gmail. I sent it to Gmail and mailed it to myself.

I can see mailing the list to my Russian tutor to discuss the words on the list. I can use tags to create special lists, or I can check words to create a list or I can go to the WorkDesk area and use the list for a particular content item and mail it.

So if you want to mail your list to me, or another tutor, and create a one on one, you can discuss these words.

I see there is little interest in this approach, or am I wrong?

Hi, steve.
I am very interested in this approach, but I don’t know how to send my vocabulary list to you or to myself. I don’t know Blogger and Gmail. Can I send it by Email?


Please send it to me by email steve(at)

Thanks, steve.
I’ve just found out that it is difficult to send my lists without Gmail, so I’ll create my Gmail account in a short time.

Hi Steve,

I sent my vocabulary list to my email address by following your
instruction just to see what it is like.
What I can do with right click option was to avtivate my email program
and copy the URL automatically in my sending mail.
I got an email with the ULR information and was able to see my
vocabulary list by clicking the link.
Is this the way what you were saying?

I think it’s an easy way to see my vocabulary list.
I will send my list after I choose one.