I don’t know if it’s possible so I’m asking. I just read a post where someone setup a macro on their computer keyboard to go to the next sentence, play the sentence audio, and translate the sentence, all with one keystroke. I checked the web version and there are keyboard short cuts for all of the above actions making a macro very easy to setup for your PC. But is something like this possible for iOS or Android? I have iOS but I could get an Android device if it were needed. I am tired of pressing translate for every sentence.

Yes, I know I will eventually out grow the need for this with my Korean but I think I’m a ways off.

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Wait, you can add macros?

Not within LingQ. But since there are keyboard shortcuts on the web version, it’s pretty easy to do in Windows on my gaming keyboard. I’m sure there are other options too.

I bought a keyboard on ebay that can do macros: 6x4 keys and can, in sentence, mode,
go to the next sentence
show the translation and
play audio
I use separate keys to go to the next blue word and turn it to known if needed. And repeat x 1000s.
On android, I use a “bluetooth keyboard and mouse” to set up macros. These are easier to set up, alter and use. Best option and free/ cheap.
The logitech G604 and other mice can do macros when the software works.
I vary with Firefox/ firefox focus / chrome to use whatever works most smoothly.
I have other posts.
@Zoran, please put this sort of thing in LingQ. It’s basic for extensive reading for intermediate level.
Or someone should sell keyboards pre-set up: possible.

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Hi, I set up a macro on my ereader with android. I have a copycat Xbox 360 controller which I connect to my ereader. When I click R2 it goes to the next page, it plays the audio and it refreshes (only necessary for e-readers). To do this I use the app “keymapper”. It is open source and quite easy to use. I also appointed a button to the show sentence function. For this is used a combo of keymapper and “macrodroid” this is a bit more complex, so let me know if you want to do this. Both apps are open source and can be downloaded from the app store.