Mac Monterey

Will LingQ work properly on Mac Monterey (OS 12.0)? I am reluctant to upgrade to Apple’s new system until I know whether it will “break” something that had previously worked. I am already having issues accessing LingQ through Safari version 15.1. Does anyone have experience with Apple’s new OS and LingQ?

I’ve just completed my first lesson with LingQ on my Mac that has already been updated to MacOS Monterey 12.01. I was using the Chrome browser. Not tried with Safari.

I haven’t had any problem on my Mac so far and I’m using it regularly. I’ve not used it yet on my iPad or iPhone with 15.1 though. But on Mac there are no problems. I use LingQ with Firefox.

LingQ and Safari were never good friends. I’ve aways used Chrome for LingQ for this reason. MacMonterey is an operating system – Chrome is an app – LingQ is a website. If Chrome works on Monterey (which I’m sure it will) then it can access this site and will work fine.

No problems with iOS 15.1 on iPad, where I use LingQ the most.
Have not installed Monterey yet. I usually use LingQ on MacBook with FireFox.