Mac Keyboard Shortcuts don't work on Import Page

When importing content I often want to copy and paste text. Normally, I would use keyboard shortcuts to do this as it’s much quicker than using the mouse, but they don’t work inside the text boxes on the import page. The characters c, x & v etc appear instead.

I’ve played around with this a bit more, often the shortcuts work, the problem seems to be triggered when there is some text already highlighted.

I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. What do you mean by text already highlighted? The text you are pasting was highlighted to select it but I’m not sure what other kind of highlighting you could have there.

Try typing some text into the lesson text box. Select it and then try to copy and paste it into the lesson title box using cmd-c and cmd-v. It doesn’t work, at least not with Safari. I reported this earlier this year and was advised to use another browser until it was sorted out. Instead, I’ve been right-clicking the mouse and using the contextual menu to copy and paste.

Usually I already have some text in the lesson and I’m editing it. So copy some text from somewhere, then highlight some text in the lesson that you want to replace and then when you hit the paste keyboard combination you’ll see the character ‘v’ appear instead of the text you want to paste.