Lovers of English grammar and those who'd like to become l.o.E.g

I have come across a LOVELY little book which explains the English grammar in a beautifully-written and humorous way:

My Grammar and I (or should that be ‘Me’?), old-school ways to sharpen your english, Caroline Taggart and J A Wines ISBN 978-1-84317-310-6

It is all that the ‘Eats Shoots and Leaves’ books tried to be, I think.

Abonus for those of you for whom the feel of a book matters: it has slightly textured binding, very nice… (and looks dearer than its price tag (£9.99))

…or just read stuff like this :slight_smile:

Thanks Yuriy for posting that link… correct use of the semicolon humourously explained !

A bonus, a bonus, another bonus!

@ Yurithebest: Thank you, what a great link!

My Grammar and I (or should that be ‘Me’?)

@ tora3: Thank you, too, for the link!

I have just received this book from the UK! I am very much enjoying reading it.

Unlike other grammar books which I read in my school days, it gives me the lively insight about how native speakers of English see their own language in their daily life ( or should that be ‘lives’?).

I’d like to start a new thread about this book after I finish a mock trial tomorrow.

Thank you for your recommendation, SanneT.

I hope you get acquitted Hiroko :wink:


Thank you! Now I am free…