Love this thanks

been trying to learn French for years more off than on but never got anywhere giving up after a few pages most the time, feel im achieving something at a snails pace and it pushes you forward actually seeing all the words you do know.
I got a u in gcse at school for French yep that’s an unclassified so fingers crossed if this works out and if I get to hold even some semblance of understandable convo I will be one happy man

@moses - Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll do fine! Don’t let your past experience deter you. Good luck!

There are some great little lessons for Beginners here and before you know it you’ll have come out of your French shell. The first conversation can be quite a challenge, but once over that hurdle, you’ll be off. Good luck!


here you will find some good French lessons:

and have a look at Steves Videos:

The Seven Secrets of Successful Language Learning:

enjoy learning with LingQ!


yes have looked at his videos and seeing them on youtube inspired me to go at it again, thanks for the words of encouragement and I got myself some French story books the weekend for 8 year olds from our local charity shop.
the thing that I enjoy is how much steve put it across not to worry about remembering stuff and just enjoy it which I am doing with that frame of mind, regimented learning just doesn’t work with me like in they teach in schools.
thanks for the links and support :slight_smile: