Love lingQ

I’ve just realised what Steve meant by using the power of LingQ to rate the complexity of a text. When you look at an article in the library (or upload one of your own) the number and proportion of unknown words is the number that you personally haven’t learned yet. So you can see immediately how hard a text is, in terms of new vocabulary, not for learners in general but for you in particular. Cool!

Yes, that’s indeed a great feature! (In fact one of the features I like the best)

I like the latest posts on the right-hand-side of the community. Keeps me abreast with where the action is.

The audio in the community section would be a great idea too!

Would be good if we could sort library texts by either percentage or number of unknown words. Then it would be really easy to find the texts that are just at my level.

Helen, We had this feature and removed it because the way things were configured, it slowed down the site, and tied up too many resources. This feature will return. Please be patient.