Loudspeaker bar

In the new version the loudspeaker bar is very long. Its possible to make shorter how it was before?
I like to make dictations with English items.
For this I have to open a document how Word beside.
Now I have to bring both side by side and I have to stop repeatedly (I am not a so faster scribbler).
When the bar is as long as now, it’s more difficult to bring the actual stand in a small part back for a repetition and hearing again because it is covered.

Sorry, Irene. The bar has to be in the middle of this area but you can try having your text window above the audio player by resizing your windows.

Thanks Mark, good idea!
The nearest is often the farthest.

once again the öoudspeaker bar:

Mark you wrote it have to be in the middle - really in the middle?

I ask, because I stop very often during reading for working with LingQ’s and I search every time on the beginning of the bar line.
I think on the beginning I could better hit the button for play and stop.

I would be interest if other members have the same feeling.

For me, the loudspeaker doesn’t work at all for this item:

jeff_lindqvist, please provide us with the name of the item, I can not see items on your WorkDesk.

Thank you.

“RussianLingQ, Beginner #8 - The Power of The Linguist, Part 8”

Thank you, Jeff. The problem has been solved.


Same problem with “RussianLingQ, Beginner #9 - The Power of The Linguist, Part 9”. You may want to check the rest of the items in that collection.

Thank you, Jeff. There seems to be some technical problem. I restored the sound file for you. Enjoy!