Lost my streak :((

Lost my steak yesterday, had annoyingly had 12 out of 13 needed :@ saw the repair your streak email this morning but had to do lots of lingq-ing throughout the day to get enough coins to continue it. by the time i could afford it when i click through the email it no longer gives me the option to repair. Is there anything i can do to fix it?

i know its only a number :S but think it has really helped motivate me and push on my learning and so annoying to lose it because i missed one lingq!


I fixed your streak. Hope this helps boost your motivation! :smiley:

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Thank you soo much!!!
made my day :DD

Hi Zoran, could you possibly fix mine as well? I hit my target of 100 yesterday but when I got up this morning is said I lost my streak and Iā€™d only had 99.

Sure, fixed yours too. :slight_smile:

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zoran so what is streak exacly? I lost it now and I would like to fix it

@Agaday Looks like you fixed your streak successfully already. :slight_smile: Streak represent number of days in a row you reached your Daily LingQs goal - created enough LingQs (yellow words).