Lost ability to create ling'qs!

Lost ability to create linq’s !

Where did you see it last? Have you been careless and leaving it lying about?

@margarita - What do you mean exactly? What is not working for you?

Mark, it doesn’t work to do translation using the dictionary. It always worked! After I highlight the spanish words in order to create a LingQ, it just goes back to the article without accesing translation tools. In other words can’t access the dictionaries. Thanks for the reply.


There was that problem initially after our update but we fixed it yesterday. You can now select text and see the LingQ widget with dictionary translations. If you are using Firefox, you may need to refresh the page a few times to clear out the old cached version of the page.

Thank you so much now I can create LingQ. I just had to reload the page as you told me to do.
Appreciate your help.