Losing translations of my yellow words

I’m losing translations of some of my yellow words. That is, the word is still a yellow word, and even the tag is still the same, but the window with the translation is empty. I know for sure that the translation was there before. I have not seen it before the recent update came up, so it might be related.

I have been experiencing the same issue for years, so it’s probably not related to the update. It happens quite rarely and usually only to old lingqs. I suppose it might be caused by the translations being reported by users and subsequently deleted by an administrator.

I suspected that, but I would like to have it confirmed by an administrator. Besides, those were good translations, and quite recent (1-2 months). So far, I’ve noticed about 10 of them, so not that rare for me.

Hi Peter,
I am sorry to hear that. How often you have that problem? That shouldn’t happen, unless you had term saved in wrong language (which I assume is not the case for you) and was moved by editor into the correct one.
Let me know if this continue to happen with more words and we will investigate.

I just had another translation disappear. Can you investigate? I have it documented, since I have downloaded them before they disappeared. I will email you a sample of three such words.

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I saw your email and replied. Lets continue conversation there.

“unless you had term saved in wrong language”
Sometimes, instead of writing the translation I copy and paste the definition given by french dictionaries, do I run the risk of losing them?

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Even if it is in a wrong language, it shouldn’t just disappear. LingQ is a system for writing your own personal hints for words, and I sometimes create bilingual hints (remembering a word is often easier if you note down similar words in a closely related language). And yes, sometimes those bilingual hints may become monolingual hints in a wrong language by accident.

Nevertheless, such hints are very useful to me and should not be deleted from my account just because someone somewhere thinks there’s something wrong with them. This is a personalized system, after all, and you do not have to use the user-generated hints at all if you so desire.

There’s nothing wrong with not showing those “faulty” hints to other users. By all means, if you consider them inappropriate, remove them from the list of suggestions, but you should not touch my “personal” data. Imagine logging into your email account and discovering that some of your emails have disappeared because an admin decided that you put a wrong tag on them—that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

To be fair, I am not really complaining. It happens so rarely to me that it doesn’t bother me in any way. It’s just a matter of principle.


Such a problem was. I thought it had been fixed long ago. This is something with the code part. If it does not cause any particular inconvenience, then just do not pay attention to it. I now translate everything through other language courses - English abroad: language schools and courses in Germany . There in real mode, practical work in the teacher. Much more convenient than machine translations.

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Will this issue ever be solved? Based on the posts here, it has been a problem already for some time.
Zoran, this cannot be solved by “poking” through my account. It can only be solved by a programmer who has internal access to the system and would need to do some testing, etc.


@peterB1 This issue should be fixed already., and yes our developers looked into it. Are you still experiencing the same problem?

Thanks, Zoran.
I have not seen this happening recently. So, hopefully, the problem was entirely fixed.