Losing interest in books/imports

Although I was suggesting this idea as a solution to the lack of interest of the Op, I myself apply this technique not for getting “compelling input”, but for the sake of efficiency.

Originally, I tried this with philosophy books, but the process was to slow, so I decided to use literature books, which, in general, are easier to read.

The usage of books written in my native language(spanish) permits me to understand with relative ease literature books wich otherwise would be very hard for me to handle. This for me is the key point.

I think that literature can offer more complex structures than that content which is generally used to do extensive reading. This allows me to understand better the grammar.

Especially useful is when the author uses the same ideolect through out the whole book. If this is the case, the book would get easier and easier the more you read it.

It’s not only about the words; you should look also for new ideas, saying new things with the same words; looks like you have difficulties in finding interesting information, that would keep you motivated to read more.

When reading try to answer yourself these questions:

  1. What is the text about?
  2. How does the author try to prove the thesis? What are the most important ideas?
  3. Is the author correct? Do you agree with his/her point? If yes, why do you agree? If no, why you don’t? You should always have a position on what you read, make it personal.

All the best!