Losing Coins

in the FAQs it saying when adding new LINGQs i get coins, however whenever I mark a word as a new word (LINGQs) i lose coins!! the whole coin system is sooo missed up

If you are creating LingQs from words you previously marked as Known (made them white), you will lose coins. That’s because you already got a maximum number of coins for a word when you made it Known, and switching it to LingQ by making it yellow, will make that previously earned coins disappear.
You will have to create enough positive coins to reverse any negatives and complete your streak target.

I have a complete new lesson where I have never lingq the words before… and I encounter the exact same problem. When I set new lingqs I lose my coins earned today…

Edit: I observed that some of the words which are completly new for me are already shown in white. When I set a new lingq then I lose 10 coins… :frowning:

You get coins when you make words known. If you later create LingQs of those same words, you lose coins. That is the reason why you see negative coins stats.