Looking for translation of lyrics from Romani (or Magyar?) into Engl. or German

I’d like to have the translation of the lyrics of a traditional Gipsy song into English, German or Spanish. None of the existing translation programs (Google translate etc.) are able to recognize the language (a possible reason could be, that it is possibly written just as you pronounce the words).

Does anyone know, where I can get a translation for free?
Or maybe one of our users knows a little bit Romani (or Magyar?) and could help me.

For me, the lyrics look like a sort of magyar, but I’m not so sure about it.

Here are the lyrics:

Lindraji szi adi gilyi, na tuke rakhjom la avri,
dav tu menge andar jilo, hatyarasz amen de misto.
Lunge ratyi zsanaba tar, naszvalo szom me tumendar,
andar naszul szaszman doszta, mukhen aba mange pacsa.
Khere te szan szikav mange, szar te zsuvav me tu mende,
saj avel e sudri balval, man na phurdel aba athar.
Othar katar me avilyom, numa sudro trajo angyom,
hate tatyol lokesz opre, lasi voja dav tu menge.

(as I’m pretty sure that it is an old traditional gypsy song, there is surely no copyright any more on the lyrics, but the interpretation by Ando Drom surely still has one).

Thanks for the response and the translation of the first line.
I suppose that a part of the orthography is wrong (I can’t imagine that there are no accents at all).

There’s no hurry! I’m only curious to know what they are singing about, because it’s a very moving song (you certainly have to be accustomed to that kind of folk music).