Looking for source of Brazilian news with Text and Audio

Does anyone know of a good website that has news that is in both TEXT and AUDIOin Brazilian Portuguese? I found one, but the audio is not in the right format for importing into Lingq. I am trying to do exactly what Steve did in his video about learning Ukrainian. I prefer Audio that is human- produced and not a computer generated voice.

(I will also be asking soon for the same thing with French, Japanese and Spanish.)

I apologize for asking this if it has been asked in other threads (but as you know, this forum is not the easiest for searching and finding what you want).

Eis lá cara: http://www.portalcafebrasil.com.br/todos/podcasts/?subjects=16


thank you! Anyone else other links for me? Anything that has daily news?

I’m not learning Portuguese, but this sure would be a great source to listen and read if I was!