Looking for someone to correct your writing?

I can help you! Ask me to correct your writing! I am studying linguistics and languages at school, and I have experience correcting writing on other websites, so I would be a good person to correct your writing.

Also, if you speak French and would like to trade documents for corrections, I would love to do that.

I will be thankful, if you will correct me in my phrases on forum sometimes.

Sure! Just let me know when.

naimaf, hi!!!
thank for your support!

Hi naimaf,me too i’d like too ,are you okey?

hi everybody my name is djaber from algeria i wold like to know some nice people around the globe to exchange the culture and english language
in fact i need to improve my english skills
yours truly.

I’m a newbie here on lingq and I would like to improve my English,especially my writing and my talking skills. For example…Wich word is more correct in my last sentence? “Talking” or “Speaking”?

I would say speaking skills, which I believe would include talking in a clear voice, using the correct words and grammar, and pronouncing the words correctly.

Thanks Alicia! I’ll keep it in mind!

hello, i need your help too, im trying to learn english, so please, be so kind, help me in spreaking and writing:)