Looking for someone i can speak english :)

hi everyone. i’ve been looking for someone i can talk about any topic to improve my english skills :slight_smile: i hope someone will help me :slight_smile: my skype: Serhat_A

I’m on track and you also.Helping each other we reach the top to our dreams.If somebody can help me my skype:almask5

Hi there! It seems you are already good in English. I’m also looking for someone who I can talk to, so I can practice my English.
My Skype: dianrosebancain

Hi Everyone!

I am a native English speaker. I grew up in Saudi Arabia even though I am American, and I miss talking to people from all over the world! Please feel free to hit me up on Skype anytime I’m online if you would like to practice English with a native speaker. :slight_smile:

my Skype: septembergurl80