Looking for science materials in French, German and Russian

I’m looking for textbooks, magazine articles or web sites with science, engineering and technology articles, in French, German and Russian. Preferably at undergraduate or graduate level.

Now, if someone were to ask for this in English I would recommend the New Scientist or Scientific American online versions, also some technology blogs. But I don’t know my way round the internet so well in these other languages. Can anyone give me any suggestions please?

I’m after written articles, not sound files. I’ve got a lot of science podcasts already.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!








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For German I can recommend Bild der Wissenschaft, which is similar to Scientific American.

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For Russian I have found the magazine Наука и Техника here: http://www.nt-magazine.ru/

Helen, For science-related popular articles, this is a good site: http://www.membrana.ru/ . BBC (Би-би-си) русская служба and Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Polish radio, Russian service), radio Deutsche-Welle (Russian) often have articles about science news. Rambler.ru has a listing by popularity Рамблер / Топ-100 , and I bet that яндекс may have better info . . . http://yaca.yandex.ru/yca/cat/Science/Sciences/ .

What podcasts have you found?

Also “Spektrum der Wissenschaft” has an interesting website: http://www.spektrum.de/


Thank you all for your answers!

My husband has pointed me to Corsera’s online university courses at https://class.coursera.org. I have just signed up for “Analyse Numérique pour Ingénieurs”. That should be interesting :wink:


I admit the selection of Russian science podcasts doesn’t look as promising as the German or even the French selection. Through my Ratpoison Android app I have found:
Будушее где-то рядом,
В первом приближении,
Наука и Техника (Deutsch Welle I think),
Новости Наука и Техника,
Радио Бермудский Треугольник,
Ехо Москви - Точка,

I like the Deutsche Welle one best so far.

They may be university lectures on You-Tube, that a cunning person can download / rip to mp3. I haven’t looked yet.

For science, Wikipedia is usually very accurate, though often very complicated.

For French (although these aren’t really educational, just science-related news etc.)




Ah, Merci, Peter!

I’m just devouring anything I can get with lots of vocabulary in it :smiley:

A vast amount of scientific texbooks (mainly in Russian) is available on this torrent tracker: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=2023 (here are also journals: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=2032)

I also hope you’ll like http://www.membrana.ru

Another interesting site is http://habrahabr.ru - it’s more like an IT-community, but you may often find interesting posts on the matters of general science there.

We also shouldn’t forget about news aggregators, which have thematic filtering in them (and that is for a huge amount of languages): http://news.google.com/news/section?cf=all&ned=ru_ru&topic=t&ict=ln (even though IT topics are generally overpresented there as well)

You can always buy textbooks in your target languages from Amazon. I have a German physics textbook that I read from time to time. ‘Raumzeit’ is a great series of textbooks for astronomy in German. Unfortunately I cannot find transcripts for it, which is what I really need.

Thanks once again for all suggestions, they are saving me a lot of time and frustration!

rutracker.org no longer seems to work for people in the UK. I get an error message saying the site is blocked for my country,

Pity really. I’m sure some of the content must be perfectly legal :wink:

I thought of buying textbooks, it’s a good idea. Amazon probably won’t have anything Russian though - probably need to look at ozon.ru for that.

Helen, Thanks! I’ll give them a try. Are there any French podcasts you would recommend?

Here are some more misc. related links in Rus. and French. Most these are audio/video; I hope you don’t mind.

http://www.larousse.fr/archives .
L'actualité scientifique en direct - RFI
Canal U | Explorer Comprendre Partager

ColinPhilipJohnstone is right: wikipedia can be very informative for science. It’s also a great way to translate natural science terms to something one knows, and to find an illustration of the subj.; I use it all the time for plant names, etc., as dictionaries often are not helpful. (Look up the term in French or Russian and then refer to the English language entry linked to at the left of the article.)

Your French Math course sounds very challenging. Best of success!

. . . habrahabr.ru looks great, eugrus, thanks. Like google, yahoo is a pretty good aggregater for French.

Helen, you might try Russian “referat” sites, which basically seem to have online term papers. Is that an American term? = Papers written by students for class assignments in college or high school. Used w/ caution, these might make good general introductions. There are dozens of such sites. For instance, http://www.bestreferat.ru/ .

in the U.S. I have had good luck ordering from a sister site of www.setbook.net (which says it is for Europe); the combination of book price + shipping and handling is often less than at ozon.ru, at least on this side of the Atlantic. Also, you can often find Russian textbooks (and French ones too, I am sure) on ebay , although ebay seem to be flooded by POD books lately and can be hard to wade through.

Great list, Peter!

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You are right about Wikipedia for translations of technical science terms. It is the only reliable source I have found for this purpose.

Reinhard has also recommended iTunes U. It took me a little while to figure it out (Apple is another world to me) but I have found a lot of university lectures available as podcasts. I particularly like the selection of the university of Hamburg. Their website is here: Medienplattform Universität Hamburg - Lecture2Go

Now I’m looking through the French ones. Haven’t found anything from any Russian universities yet. Does Russia really do iTunes?

Oh yes. There is an endless library of material on iTunes. Just change the country setting. Unfortunately there are no transcripts from what I have found. Also, one cannot buy material from the stores without a credit card from that country, which is a real shame because such instant access to movies, TV shows, and audio books in the target language would be very nice (though since I live in Austria, it is not difficult at all for me to find German material at all).

Colin wrote: “one cannot buy material from the stores without a credit card from that country”.


Where does one change the ‘country’ setting for iTunes?

I don’t have it in front of me at the moment, but from memory, I think that if you scroll down to the bottom of the main page of the itunes store (so in itunes, click ‘itunes store’ and scroll all the way to the bottom), you will see a flag for the country that your itunes is currently set to. Click on that and you will be shown a load of flags for the available countries. Click on the flag that you want.

You will be able to download anything that is free (podcasts, itunes U stuff), but nothing that you need to pay for.