Looking for longer French reading content!

Hey guys!

I have a few sites that I am using for French at the moment: Project Syndicate and Radio Prague (French version) where I import the text into LingQ.

I am in the middle stage where the articles seem a bit too short, but a novel is too much of a mountain, so I was wondering if anyone knows any good place (for text, not audio), of longer articles (maybe 2000-5000 words). Kind of like the Echo Moskvy long articles that Steve always talks about (but in French).


Do you know nonfiction.fr? If you like to keep up with French books, it’s a nice site with plenty of medium length articles and interviews.


Wow! This is exactly what I wanted, it looks great!! :slight_smile:

I just found some interviews on LingQ by Steve Kaufmann himself in French! These are great, and so interesting, I highly recommend them to other people!