Looking for Italian resources

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions for podcasts or YouTube channels in Italian.

Specifically I’m looking for things which deal with interesting quirks of history, random general knowledge, philosophy, cinema and kind of dark documentaries about serial killers and things like that (don’t judge, I know it’s a morbid fascination).

For example in French I enjoy the Nota Bene Youtube channel.

In English I like School of Life, Mr Ballen, QI, VSauce, Cinema sins etc.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Spanish suggestions would be welcome too, it’s about time I started brushing up

I’d recommend searching in Italian on google.it. Also, have a separate YouTube account, which you’ve specifically set up as the default language Italian and you ONLY watch Italian videos on (be ultra strict!) will let the YouTube algorithm think you only understand Italian and will only recommend you Italian content.


For random history/interesting stories, I like Massimo Polidoro. He never has subtitles on his videos, but they’re usually not too hard to follow anyways.


On Youtube: Alessandro Barbero.
And also: Nova Lectio.


I’d add “Para Bellum” “L’Inspiegabile” “Bugalalla Crime” :wink:

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Rick DuFer’s Daily Cogito:

He’s a philosopher and speaks about current affairs, popular culture, philosophy…


Thanks everyone for the responses! I don’t know why, but I’m only seeing them now!

Blu Notte is an old TV show about italian serial killers and things like that.
I checked the automatic subtitles and they look OK.

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