Looking for interesting podcasts to add to LingQ

As I mentioned in the newsletter, we recently added two podcasts to the Library, Computer Club Zwei in German and Le Podcast High Tech in French. Now, we are looking for more good podcasts to add and we would like your help in finding them.

Ideally the podcasts should have episodes between 10 and 20 minutes long and should be of interest to native speakers. It is probably best to look for podcasts in your own language that you already listen to or would be interested in listening to.

We will approach these podcasters and ask them if we can add their content and also in hopes that they will publicize LingQ. Please help us out!

One of my favorite podcasts is in French and is published by France Inter, a division of Radio France. The host selects a topic of history, invites one or two people who have written books or done research on the topic, and interviews them. Some interesting shows have been on the Dreyfus Affair, the role of women during the French Revolution, a History of Romantic Conquest, Einstein, and the Fall of Rome.

A reason I think it would be good for language study is that it has sound clips from movies and songs interspersed throughout the broadcast that illustrate a particular point, and so a person will get exposure to at least 4 speakers (the host, interviewee, actor, and singer) in one broadcast.

Their website is below:


P.S. Since I started using LingQ consistently, my comprehension of the broadcast has increased a lot!

Thanks, Jason. I will check into this but I’m not expecting much from a big broadcaster like Radio France. I’ll let you know.

I also thought it could be interesting to have items from France Inter. Therefore, I wrote to them late in June. I received an answer that my email was transfered to the people in charged. I never received further answer.

Oh well. I have asked them now again. We’ll see if that helps stir up a response.

I sent an inquiry a week ago or so on that particular program’s webpage, but haven’t heard back. I didn’t include the name of the LingQ site, though.