Looking for friends who help me


My name is Niki.I’m 21 years old. My native language is hungarian.I decided that I want to study more languages because people won’t study my own language or rarely.

I registered myself on Lingq a long time ago when I needed to learn English hardly because of my exams after that i had a break here.
Now I decided to study German.I have studied in primary and high school but I forgot almost everything since I study English so I’m re-starter.

I would like to make friends to practice my English and my German.I don’t speak German a lot because I’m totally beginner but I would be happy if I could find someone who help me.
It would be great if native speaker could help me in English and in German, too.

Thank you!

Hi, Niki!
I’d be glad to speak some english with you via skype If you want to!
I’m pretty fluent when writing/reading but really in need of conversation practice))
Please add me in skype if it’s interesting for you: oversemper-skyped