Looking for a tutor

Hi everyone,

I am looking for an online American tutor to teach my 11 year-old daughter. She is studying elementary New American Headway. My plan is 2 hours a week, in some years. So that a suitable tutor is very important.

Thanks in advance,

Hai Truong

It seems admirable that you seek a tutor for your child. I assume you mean someone who would do Skype calls and work one-on-one to review the material covered in class? If you want a commitment that will last several years, then it is likely you will need to offer to pay the tutor for their time. My recommendation is that whomever you find, be sure that they have teaching credentials and proof of having achieved a reasonable level of proficiency in the English language. Being a native English speaker does not mean that one can teach English or that one has mastered the English language. Further, being an English speaker does not mean that the person is qualified to teach children.

I caution you to do appropriate monitoring and screening of anyone you hire to teach your child. It is a scary world to allow a stranger into your home for conversations with your child. I am sure you will take care in selection of a tutor.

Best of luck in your search.

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