Looking for a teacher(companion) in English language

Hi! I’am is Russia.My name is Valeriya.I learn english language and I need help) I want speak and understand this language.Thank you for your attention.(Привет всем русско-говорящим друзьям)

Hi Russia,I am a beginner,too.And I come from China.In fact, i haven’t chose a cool Engish name…but you can call me Yi.

I’d like to point out a few mistakes you have made.You should say I am (without “is”)a Russian and you don’t need to add a “language” after" English". Hmm,and you should add “to” after “want” like “i want to speak and understand…”

I like Russia.I have watched a TV program about TheUrals.I really want to travel TheUrals which looks so wonderful.But i have to study hard because i am a senior school student…

hi im assia , i come from Algeria i need learn english because i need it in my job and in my life, thanks for your reply

Привет Валерия,

Мой родной язык английский и я ищу для русского языка учитель. Если хотите, мы можем говорить по Skype-ом.

Hello everybody. I tutor English, so feel free to get in touch with me if you’re interested in conversing with a native speaker. :slight_smile: